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Mugen DVE Module

• High Quality Dual Channel Field Based HD DVE Module
• Higher Quality Single Channel Frame-Based Mode
• Multiple Video I/O Channels
• High Quality Multi-Field De-Interlacing Filter
• High Quality Multi-Field Anti-Aliasing Filter
• Three Performance Levels Available
            • 2D Squeeze-back
            • 3D Rotation/Perspective
            • 3D Warp Effects
• Multi-Standard HD/SD Operation
• SD Mode allows up to 4 SD Channels (Field Mode)
• On-Board DSP relieves host system of control task
• Full functionality DVE driver software package

Martin Image Processing

• Pre-built Sequences
• User-Defined sequences
• Minimum software burden on host system
• Flexible I/O Configurations
• 16-bit Parallel DSP Host Interface
• Easy Software/FPGA Upgrade management
            • No code is stored locally on the Module
            • host system determines upgrade methods
• Compact Size: 95mm x 145mm

Download the Mugen DVE Module Brochure
Developed in conjunction with Insync Technologies, then Mugen DVE Module is a compact, high quality Mult-Channel HD/SD DVE Module.

It is intended to allow OEMs to offer the option of multi-channel HD or SD DVE without having to go to
the expense and time of developing their own solution.