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Mugen DVE PCI Express

• 2 Channels of High Quality HD DVE (1080i), each with (optional) Key Channel
• High Quality Single Channel 1080p Mode, with (optional) Key Channel
• High Quality Single Channel Frame-Based Mode
• Multiple Video I/O Channels
• High Quality Multi-Field Adaptive De-Interlacing Filter
• Full Range of DVE Effects
            • 3D Rotation/Perspective
            • 3D Warp Effects
            • Page Turns & Rolls, Circular & Straight Ripples
            • Swirls, Lens, Etc
• 3D Light Effects (Flat, Bar, Spot)
            • 3D Light positioning
            • Variable Intensity & Colour
Martin Image Processing

• 3D Border Generator
• Dual Channel Output Combiner
• Multi-Standard HD/SD Operation
• Full functionality DVE driver software package
            • Real-time control
            • Pre-built Sequences
            • User-Defined sequences
            • Full Control of DVE Source, Target, Local &             Global Space
• Full Control over DVE Effects Parameters
• Flexible I/O Configurations
• Real-Time Streaming of DVE Outputs back to Host PC
• Single Slot PCI Express (x4) design
• Software simulator also available
Download the Mugen DVE PCIe Brochure
The Mugen PCIe Multi-Channel HD/SD Video Effects Processor is a High-Quality PCI-Express-based
Video Effects Processor, offering 2 Channels of HD DVE, with Key, Warps & Lights.